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[Poetic-Proposal] ANA/BUFF..unique :^o

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Has this ever happened, that tender-tandems are swapped?? Brace yerselves folks...

Andersen, Hiller

Springtime blossoms, 'tender trade

Enroth & Miller

-Buff needs a great young 'tender to grow with a young, developing team. In 1 or 2 years, they'll be building towards a powerhouse. They could flip Hiller to a team like Washington; or stick with him(UFA), as he's still just 31 yrs, & could form a nice 5-7 yr tandem.

-For Anaheim, it's all about NOW..Getz & Perry in prime yrs; Selanne, Beauch & Koivu long in the tooth. Why not get five stellar years outa Miller, then transition to probably the world's top gt-prospect, Gibson? Scary for us; smart for them.

-Also Anaheim throws in a 2nd (2014), & conditional 2nd, (in 2015). Should they reach finals this, or next spring, they include the 2015 2nd.

Now if you DARE to reply negatively, you must respond in haiku, or take off, eh..by canoe. Otherwise I'll have you transferred to the CBJ-site.. :^0 !!

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This is poetry Anaheim's GM SHOULD have recited. Miller would have had ample time(pre-Olympics) to adjust.

If Miller crapped-out, they only would have lost a 2nd rounder; they could've grabbed a FA 'tender this summer.

Now they've traumatized their kid-star, Gibson. Also shaken the confidence of young Andersen, as well. Basically they entered the PO's with too many competing GT-options, & not a clear-cut choice. Going in with Miller(& Enroth backing up) would have been more decisive & clear. They had an excellent team, but caused unneccesary commotion for their younger 'tenders, & wasted what I believe was a legitimate shot.

Lastly, Buff would have been smart to run out the clock with Hiller/Andersen. Then they'd already have 1 or 2 pieces established for the coming seasons.

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