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Next 7 games determine the Canucks season


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Basically that says it all.

Probably the toughest schedule the Canucks will face all season. 7 games, 6 of them against Stanley Cup contenders all packed into 12 days, including four of the 7 back to back.

The Canucks either win big or lose big, if its the latter, they drop in the standings to the point they will barely make it to the post season.

Luongo is going to have to be healthy for a positive outlook, I don't believe that Lack, as well as he has been playing, can handle this level of competition by himself.

This Canucks are going to be battered and bruised by the time they finish, all these teams emphasize physical play.

This is where we find out what the lineup and this coach can really do.

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Obviously never played hockey in your life.

Definition of losing mentality.

They don't have to either win or lose big time and if you give up halfway into the season after a tough 8% of the schedule while having 40% left that's a recipe for disaster and completely unprofessional.

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