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Hey guys,

Just curious if there's any CDCers currently with WIND Mobile? In particular, those who live in the Abbotsford/Chilliwack area?

I'm looking to drop Telus after 6 years of loyal service as their retentions suck and aren't doing so well with giving me some sort of deal. It's ridiculous to have to pay $30 for 1 GB of data on a smartphone plan.


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I never really have a problem with data. It's decent enough that I was still able to play League of Legends via hotspot when my regular internet was down. Nothing spectacular, but it gets the job done.

I'm usually just in Vancouver/Burnaby/Richmond and the signal is decent whenever I'm out and about. It's usually when I'm within a parking lot, certain spots in the mall or in an office tower the signal gets weak or non-existent.

That being said, I still get clear signal when I'm on the North Shore mountain for skiing.

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im with wind mobile in Windsor Ontario. outside of the city service is spotty but I live and work in the city so its not a problem. data is fast. I initially switched from telus where my bill renege from 78-100 every month.

now my bill its 43.67 EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

the customer service is great. I can't see me switching any time soon.

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Everything that I've heard is that once you get out of the Van/Burnaby etc core reception gets worse and worse the further you head out to the burbs. If you live in low lying areas it's supposed to be even worse.

I was looking int to them too but the consensus at that time was that unless you spend the majority of your time in that core area, they aren't really a feasible alternative.

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