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The Everything Bitcoin Thread

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I'm surprised we haven't had a thread on bitcoin here. Any other bitcoin enthusiasts on CDC? What are your thoughts on the future of currency.

I've been following bitcoin for two years now. It's nice to see the amount of attention it has been receiving.

My friend launched the worlds first bitcoin ATM on Howe street. Has anyone here taken a look at it?

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the hell is bitcoin? is this advertizing?

Bitcoin is essentially a decentralized peer-to-peer network that is powered by no middlemen (ie banks), but powered by the users, without any central authority. It is considered to be a crypto-currency, where cryptography is used when the exchange bitcoin is made.

It's quite revolutionary, actually. Considering that we live one of the most bitcoin-accepting communities in the world, I feel that a lot of people should invest some cash into the system.

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Digital, de-centralized currency that avoids things like inflation, capitol controls, sanctions etc.

You see why banks/governments would be nervous about it?


This article shows how outrageous the banking system is. And what do the banks get in such a shameful scandal? A slap on the wrist.

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has anyone used his ATM? Does anyone even use them? I read only about 16 are used on avg per day and most of them are probably owned vey few. seems like a pyramid or Ponzi scheme..

I'm staying away from them.

I use the ATM frequently, actually. It is a great way to get a wallet started with limited knowledge. Bitcoiniacs, the company behind the bitcoin ATM, even has it's office located in the Waves coffee on Howe Street.

I would definitely stop by, even to talk to one of the reps about bitcoin.

Waves coffee even accepts bitcoin as a payment for coffee.

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