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The Comic Book Thread

Junkyard Dog

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If someone has already made a thread for comics I apologize and I will try and have mine locked. If not then hopefully this can stay moderately active.

I created this thread because I think comics are an awesome form of reading and story telling. Personally I like Webcomics and Fancomics, paticularly based off video games. I am a hardcore gamer.

Who cares about me though. What is your favorite comic and why do you like it? Share pages of those comics.

I am curious if there is anyone out there who likes comics and hope this thread can do well. Thank you for your time, I hope it was not wasted. Good day.

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I loved comics as a kid, biiig time. So even though I don't really read them anymore (the occasional graphic novel, maybe), I still go into the local stores around Victoria from time to time just to check out what's goin on.

I remember a few years ago I spent a few dollars at one, and picked up the first 3 issues of The Walking Dead. Just recently I remembered about them, and it turns out they are all the first edition/print. Picked them up because I thought they had cool art and a neat story, then it turned into a big time TV show and they are worth hundreds of dollars.

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I'm a big fan of Marvel Comics, especially Iron Man.

I don't have many in my collection at the moment.

Marvels 10th Anniversary Edition (not really a comic, but a collection of cool artwork and covers, etc)

Deadpool: What Happens in Vegas

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four Omnibus 1

Hulk vs. X-Force

Thor/Iron Man: God Complex

Iron Man: Deadly Solutions

Iron Man: Extremis

Ultimate Comics Iron Man: Armor Wars

The Invincible Iron Man Volume 1 and 2

Can't forget "The Best of FoxTrot" set and the Calvin and Hobbes collection.

For those who are interested, Marvel offers some digital copies for free to be read online. You just have to make an account and add them to it: http://comicstore.marvel.com/free-comics

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I have been falling off of superhero comics of late though some of my more enjoyed ones...


- The Dark Knight Returns

- The Long Halloween and Dark Victory series

- Under the Red Hood



- Earth One series

- All Star Superman

Other Hero Stuff


- Identity Crisis

- JLA Earth 2

- Injustice

But what I have really been into is the non hero stuff...



Y: The Last Man






Currently reading 100 Bullets then Sandman after.

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i've subscribed to many webcomics RRS feeds:


Cyanide and Happiness

Girl Genius

Penny Arcade

Sam and Fuzzy


A Ghost Story Comic


Awkward Zombie


Brawl in the Family

Edmund Finney's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life



Gun Show

KinokoFry: A Collection of Comics

One Swoop Fell

Ruffle Hall

Sandra and Woo


Shrub Monkeys

Skull Panda Loves Everything


Super Effective

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

The Meek

The Trenches

VG Cats

Not all are still making new stuff, but I enjoy/enjoyed all of them

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Even though it's just collecting dust, I cna't seem to part with my Archie collection.

Mine sits behind the toilet. Every time I go there I pick up the one in front, then I stick it at the back of the collection when I'm done. This encompassed with the fact that I always start from a random page in the middle ensures that my Archie collection never loses its worth! Don't let yours collect dust friend. That's just no way to treat a loved one. :wub:

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Preacher will be airing on AMC.

It will likely be the most controversial show on TV, hell HBO backed out of it saying it was to controversial. I am pretty excited to see it though I am curious as to if they will tone down the extreme levels of gore, incest, bestiality, rape, animal abuse, Herr Starr's entire storyline, and the entire mockery of the Bible mainly the All Father storyline.

Should be fun to see how it plays out.

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