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PGT van loses to queens


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We fought hard, but still nothing to show for... DAMN the Kings and Quick! All the more reason we need to trade for a true sniper in our top 6.

At least we showed the LA freaks we won't be pushed around anymore.

My best moment of the game? Kesler beating the crap of the dirty rat Brown. Unfortunately it was also the rat who scored... Double DAMN!

Hope the boys still have enough left for Anaheim Wednesday.

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Funny thing is half of those calls wouldn't have been made in the playoffs, so I'm not too worried. Refs had too much involvement in this game.

Bottom line is we couldn't bury our chances.

If we wanna compete with the Kings it's not about physical play, it's about having clutch goal scoring.

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Why does this team give up such piss poor goals all the time?

I'm happy with the pushback but you just don't give crap up like this.

In the playoffs that's a loss. I guess we got a point today in the intangibles but c'mon.

You can't lose games like that to this team. In the playoffs they beat you down.

Terrible terrible goal


I heard Hamhuis but personally I feel it may have been the forwards. It double bounced there.

How in on God's Earth do you give a 3-1 24 seconds into the period? TORTS scared em?

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how come when someone throws a hit or trys to throw a hit at henrik everyone loses their mind mostly garret and keeps saying things like "went after henrik" or "took a run at henrik" how about he went to throw a hit on the puck carrier...... and a question for people who think suspensions should be based on actions and not the result of the actions.. do you think sestito should be suspended for doing pretty much what thornton did which was fighting a guy that didnt want to fight ??

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Disappointed we lost but enjoyed watching Kessler pummle Brown.

That in itself is a win to me

Tired of watching our offense wilt like a dying flower.. Sedins are looking like a really big disappointment.. Can't say I'm surprised though.

A game like this also is a great indicator of just how poor NHL officiating is.. These guys had little control over this game and it shows how inexperienced they are. I keep wondering whether the Nhl ever plans to do anything about it.. Feels like I will keep on needing to wonder.

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