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PGT van loses to queens


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Trash game. Tough means nothing if your divisional rival increases their lead over you.

Canucks only needed to remain within touching distance of the Kings during this insane stretch of games + injuries. After Anaheim, they've got 7 of the next 8 against teams below them in the standings and players are coming back from injury. Meanwhile LA is off for a 5-game road trip against 4 playoff teams.

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This team is learning what it takes to play playoff hockey under Torts, that's the most important thing.

You gotta play on the edge to be successful in this league. And if you get penalties because of it so be it, that's where our number 1 pk comes in.

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That was the best regular season game I've ever seen. SESTITO ... KESLER... BIEKSA .... HANK WITH THE HITS. ..EVERYONE .


Best team building game of all time.

If thats the best regular season canuck game you've ever seen I actually feel bad for you.

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It just had to be that POS that scores the GWG... and that little bitch Quick gets a shutout as well... there is no hockey God!!!

The Queens are the biggest divers in the league, the refs protect and not call the penalties that would've defused the tension early and they take out the guys that protect our stars!! ???? refs tried to fix this game early but the Canucks to their credit wasn't going to take that shiet sitting down.

Sestito will forever get my respect for sticking up and defending his teammates and captain.

Let the Queens enjoy this, lets make the playoffs and hurt them where it really matters.

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There was no doubt in my mind that once that Nolan attempt happened in the first period, this game was over. It was obvious that we were going to completely throw our system in the garbage for half the game, and play L.A.'s game. There was no way we were going to outscore them. Just absolutely frustrating. Seemed like everyone forgot that we could have surpassed them with a win.

We need scoring help. Yes, we proved we can play playoff hockey, but we need to be able to put up a goal here and there. :/

What system would you like them to play Tom? How would you know the game was over when the game had barely started? The last time they played the Kings they got ran out of town. Run at our goaltender, and barley sticking up for each other. Because Imo that system didn't work well either. This is the first time in a long time that this team played like a TEAM.

Sorry Tom we all know we need scoring. But what are you willing to give up since our core is already aging.

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the good

killing off that 7 min powerplay

team played with an edge

outshot the kings 28-20

lack kept the game close

kesler beat down on brown

the bad

sestito game misconduct

15 mins of pp time given


the ugly

canucks pp 0-4


dustin brown early goal in the third period being the game winner

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what a huge game by kassian..... another one of these games where his "skill" would be great to go along with his size but yet again vs LA he does next to nothing ...except put us short handed log 1 hit and rack up 20 minutes in misconducts...

mehh, he got misconducts for no apparent reason, pretty hard to get in the game when he was out for most the game... still pisses me off how he isn't being put as a net presence on the first PP, our PP needs a complete change and that starts with Kassian

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