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Report- Datsyuk named captain of Russian Olympic team


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Datsuyk plays strong on the puck in all situations, he scores, he creates turn-overs & momentum switches....he is the best defensive player in the game....he leads by example with exemplary character & he's clearly the elder statesman of the team &...an NHL MVP. Datsuyk 's very level-headed & respected voice with go far... with those international referees. Great choice!

Ovi & Kovalchuk ain't..... all THAT.

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Definitely deserving. Unreal player.

I'm surprised it isn't Kovalchuk though. Since he's the KHL's poster boy I'm really surprised they didn't give it to him. I remember last Olympics they gave it to Aleksey Morozov over Ovechkin, Datsyuk, Malkin, or Kovalchuk. So I'm actually really surprised they didn't give it to Kovalchuk this time around.

Basically I'm surprised they made the right move and gave it to Datsyuk.

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