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Alberta Teen brings pipe bomb to airport


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I am surprised this hasn't been posted on CDC yet.

A source who witnessed security video of a teen who brought a pipe bomb to the Edmonton International Airport tells CTV News, security staff attempted to give the explosive back to the 19-year-old. Skylar Murphy appeared in court last month for possessing an explosive device that he apparently forgot in his carry-on bag. A court transcript shows that on September 20, Murphy - who was 18 at the time - was attempting to go through a security checkpoint at the Edmonton International Airport when security personnel discovered a suspicious item in his camera bag.


What is appalling to me is they offered him the pipe bomb back and let him board his flight too. Had this been someone of colour he would have automatically been arrested on spot... Stereotypes

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Yeah this happened last year. Unionized employees decided it wasn't in their job description to detain him...uh huh


Uhh...CATSA employees last I heard were not union. They are CONTRACTED employees. Maybe if they were paid a decent wage they'd care about their jobs. Maybe if the Harper Government would find that $1 billion dollars that's missing from it's security budget

they could hire some real employees, and train them properly.

http://www.catsa.gc.ca/careers Note the bottom: screening officers check your contracted security firm in your area.

Maybe do some research before you make blanket comments.

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"Unionized employees decided it wasn't in their job description to detain him...uh huh "

People get fired by their employer for doing things that are not their job. Mall Wart has fired people for attempting to detain shoplifters. Not uncommon to see.

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Oh look Garda the company that has the security contract for Edmonton, even told it's employees there was no incident.

Maybe Garda should lose the contract since it clearly failed to live up to it's duties?

The judge that gave the kid 1 year suspended sentence and $100 fine and $500 donation to a burn unit. Boy that will teach him a lesson!

The RCMP even withheld the story.

Maybe the issue is not having professional trained staff screening at airports, and just making money for the security companies that contract out and pay peanuts?

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In early 2002 a buddy of mine drove to Calgary with his girlfriend at the time when they got in an fight. At some point he decided he had had enough and took a flight back to Vancouver. Before the trip he borrowed a backpack from his brother, a less than reputable fella, to pack his stuff. I was at his place when he was unpacking when suddenly he unzipped the side pocket and pulled out a huge lock knife. If I wasn't there I never would have believed it. At that point I realized Calgary airport security wasn't up to par. It seams the trend continues in Alberta.

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