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So this is the effect of losing Luongo


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Goaltending is our best strength. Lack has been excellent as a backup. Louongo has been strong all season long. Scoring and biased refereeing has been our downfall. Nothing can be done about the refereeing. Sad, but true. Scoring? Kane or Obrien might help enough to make us contenders. I would not give Shinkaruk, Horvat, Jensen or Gaunce for anyone. We need to wait out the current Bettman frack Canada cause they will watch anyway era.

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Wow, a whole new level of stupid.

1. Luongo is injured

2. Luongo wont score any goals(perhaps an assist)

3. Lack has been great, since Luongo got injured he's had a 91.something which is great for a rookie back-up.

I agree that Luongo coming back healthy is important for both lookerroom and on ice routine ia important.

Having Burrows, Schroeder and Stanton injured is a much bigger issue.

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I don't get the Olympics part, unless you're implying Luo is sitting out so he is ok for the Olympics (remember in '98 and '02 when a lot of countries including Canada were having trouble getting guys to really want to be apart of the games?? Crazy how it's changed.)

But I do agree that the Canucks play better with him on the ice. Lacks been great, and Henrik might wear the C now, but Luongo is still a leader on that team in the dressing room.

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