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NHL 14 Be A GM

Fat Phil

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I'm a youtuber who wants to start a Be A GM series but I only want to do it if I'll have active people. If anyone would be interested in watching mine or atleast giving me a shot could you comment below?

Here are the 5 teams I was going to lean towards. Theme: Teams that haven't won a cup.

Team 1: Buffalo Sabers

Reason: Would be fun to sit back and try to rebuild the Buffalo Sabers. Good young prospects already there plus will add more when trading away the likes of Ott, Miller and Moulson.

Team 2: Columbus Blue Jackets

Reason: This team has always stugguled. They've never won a Playoff game so it would be cool to try and build a team that could first maybe win a playoff game then win that cup!

Team 3: Vancouver Canucks

Reason: My favorite team, there on the decline so it would be cool to see if we could build a contender again without selling the farm also would be fun to see where the likes of Shinkaruk and Horvat slot in.

Team 4: Washington Capitals

Reason: Where once always talked about as Stanley Cup favorites that never prevailed. Would be cool to see if we could get them over that hump and make them a true contender.

Team 5: Winnipeg Jets

Reason: The teams has the young pieces they just need the direction. Would be cool to think about maybe converting Buff back to forward or even trading the bug guy.

Anyways if you'd like to check out my channel here you go: www.youtube.com/user/umwaldo


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I had no idea that there was a fan base for watching someone play an NHL Be a GM.

It's more a fan base for Hockey Ultimate Team as well but a lot of people make it so they can ask their subs what to do with the team in the next video, Line ups, trades etc..

Some of it is pretty boring but some guys commentary skills make it worthwhile to watch

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