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[proposal] Colorado - Vancouver (forget ROR)


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Those of you saying Hamhuis isn't worth ROR are straight up wrong. Not that we should trade him, dmen have higher value than forwards. Top pairing defensive specialist like hammer, who makes team canada? Yup worth ROR if not more. Duchene that is a different story, and they wouldn't accept a trade for him so value isn't worth discussing it is like talking about the value of getting Crosby out of Pittsburgh

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Honestly I think you guys are under valuing Hamhuis...

In my opinion he's the best part of our #1 PK. And our PK over the past 3 years.

We shouldn't trade Hamhuis, he's been our leading scorer lately. He's got 3 goals in his last two games. If you can just ignore the fact they were all in our net, then all is good.

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