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2014 Canucks Fan Appreciation Day


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i guess ill start it off:

my first time going to an event like this. in my opinion, i thought it was well organized. talking to some peeps who have gone to it in the past, ive heard words such as "clusterfcuk" of a mess, disorganized, and "gong show". for this season, you were able to meet and greet the entire line up with a few alumni's at each table in the 100-level section of the arena.

was there at about 8am, figuring there was gonna be a lot of people. turns out, i was the only there till about 10am. then the crowds starting coming in.

talk to a cousin of Santorelli who was doing security work there, i thought that was pretty cool.

had a great experience overall and here's just some of the interaction i had with some of the players;

BIEKSA: i got my wristband for the PINK station, as ive always wanted to meet BIEKSA, and ive heard stories about him in the past, both pleasant and unpleasant, and all i can say was, i was NOT disappointed. What a classy and funny guy Kevin is. took the time to talk to each individual and seemed happy to be there.

GARRISON: always a nice and classy person to interact with.

DALPE: looked happy to be there.

D.SEDIN: took the time to talk to me about the photo i had [which was the 2010 team issued 40th anniversary photo]

HANSEN: commented on my game worn BIEKSA Moose jersey "Ohhhhhh, theres that Moose jersey!" says Hansen.

WEISE: asked how much my jersey was and if i could have it or not.

SCHROEDER: cool cat

SESTITO: i was secondly excited to meet SESTITO. told him i was a huge fan and asked him if he could sign a photo and a game worn jersey of his; he was pleasantly surprised. When i asked if he could sign the fight strap....[continue below]

LUONGO: sitting beside SESTITO said, "Fight strap? Hmmm..." Luongo, i had hesitations on meeting the guy, but, turns out, he was a very nice person to talk to and wished me well.

HAMHUIS: looked like he was shy to be there, but nice guy as well

HIGGINS: ONE OF THE BEST players to interact with. didnt mind signing more than 1 item [as this was the teams policy for the day] and always had a smile on his face. when i moved on to HAMHUIS who was sitting beside HIGGINS, and showed the photo for Hammer to sign, "Ten two! Ten Two!" blurted HIGGINS. i had absolutely no idea what that meant.

STANTON: looked like he was completely out of it.

EDLER: ive heard he's pretty hard to get autographs from; had a GREAT interaction with him. took the time to talk to me and asked how my day was. great dude.

LACK: commented on my moose jersey as well.

**ive noticed players who did play for the farm team took and exception to comment on my jersey.

LACK is a great person to talk to, and it is true, he ALWAYS has a smile on his face, always happy go lucky, like he's in a candy store. awesome, awesome, interaction with him.

TANEV: looked like he was still in highschool. great guy tho.

BURROWS: remembered my name for some reason, always a classy Canuck to me.

SANTORELLI: looked tired.

RICHARDSON: looked confused, could've been that the whole experience was overwhelming to him. took the time to personalize my photo tho.

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