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[Eklund] Canucks have gained significant interest in Moulson


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On Matt Moulson...

The Kings and Penguins are the leaders...but the Canucks have picked up their interest significantly I'm told. The Sens and Preds are longshots....at this point.


On Matt Moulson..

This has been the Kings target for quite some time, but the Sabres fans will be happy to hear the price is going up a bit as the Canucks have "gotten very hot on Matt" per an NHL source.

It is Eklund though...

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you guys do realize (and this is for MG also if he's reading) you are allowed to resign these players. He doesn't have to be just a rental.

Many years ago Pitt traded for Hossa and Dupuis. They resigned Dupuis twice now I believe. Hossa was a 1 and done and dupuis (outside of this year's injury) has been a rock for them.

Get er done MG.

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