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[Proposal] Do you want to see us move up again at this years draft?


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What are our chances of moving up in this year’s draft?

Do you want to see us move up?

I know people are saying it’s a weak draft so maybe we can come away with a few “steals” like Shinkaruk

There are some very intriguing names out there.

Julias Honka

Roland Mckeown

Alex Tuch

Jake Virtanen

Id like to see us get 2 first rounders again this year around 16 and 18

Id say pick Tuch at 16th and Mckeown at 18th???

What pieces / prospect / later picks would you give up for this years draft to get those picks? And would those prospects still be there at those picks?

Tradable assets?


Our prospect crop if we pick those to up..









Kassain(if you call him one)

Schroeder(if you call him one)




I could go on …


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I'd say yes. We need a sort of subtle rebuild; not ripping apart the team, but we could use with some restocking of prime prospects. The 2013 draft was a good start and doing it again this year could mean that 5 years down the road, we'll be back up on top of the league thanks to our young guns.

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I would trade picks & players for picks in the 2015 draft I think next years draft is going to be way better.

but remember prices will be a lot higher probably starting with our 1st and shinkaruk just to move 3 spots up. id rather pay a cheap price this year and move up 7 picks and your still getting high end talent and great prospects

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Moving up for me doesn't necessarily mean in the 1st round but maybe throwing our 3rd round pick + rights for a player.

It isn't easy to trade for a 1st round pick, teams need new and good prospects on their team.

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