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Canucks’ Dale Weise Hints at Retribution on Coyotes’ Hanzal


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Vancouver Canucks right winger Dale Weise is hinting Phoenix Coyotes centre Martin Hanzal will have to “answer the bell” for his stick work that led to injuries to captain Henrik Sedin and centre Mike Santorelli.

On January 16, Hanzal took out three different Canucks in a span of less than three minutes.

Santorelli left the game and did not return. He is rumoured to be out long-term. Henrik also left the game and played part of one more game against the Flames before the injury put an end to his ironman streak.

Glad Weise and the boys are keeping this in the back of their heads going into the game. Hanzal isn't really know as a dirty player by any means but his actions last game were inexcusable. Kassian had mistakenly got a stick up on Gagne and was suspended but Hanzal was wrecklessly wild and did a lot of damage.

Love the fight-back and push the team is showing and that they are turning the page from what were once known as a soft team to one who will go to war for one another, not afraid to drop the gloves. That's hockey!

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Stupid stupid thing to say imo.

Does he not think that league higher ups will be paying attention to this game?

If Hanzal were to be seriously injured, that statement could come back to haunt him and the team, plus you could then be getting into Steve Moore territory from a legal standpoint.

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Win the game first...which means

have at least a 3 goal lead with 7 minutes to go

Which means

we need to score at least 3 or 4 goals or more, which we haven't done most of this year, that should be the priority, score against a trap team and get back on track and some confidence


beat the living crap out of Hanzal

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Dumbest thing for Weise to say. Goes to show where our team's focus is at

The NHL I bet you will be watching this game closely and anything that goes outta hand will end up witht he finger pointed to us for starting it. Basically we are under the scope for this game...any dumb move will be magnified guranteed.

Win the game, thats why you play hockey. No doubt Hanzel will have to answer the bell but that should not be the primary reason we show up for tmrws game. Settling od scores doesn't get you anywhere, we have a heck lot more problems to fix like our scoring.

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