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Nintendo Entering Smartphone Market


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No, not in the way you are hoping...

Nintendo making minigames for smartphones: Nikkei

By Sam Byford on

January 27, 2014 07:31 pm

Nintendo might be going mobile, but not in the way many people are calling for. Japan's Nikkei business daily reports that the company is planning to leverage smartphones as a platform for marketing videos and, more interestingly, free mini-games designed to drive new users to Nintendo hardware.

The mini-games are reportedly designed to make players understand the appeal of Nintendo's software in a short period of time and convince them to purchase the full experience elsewhere. Nintendo will release further details at its investor briefing on Thursday, according to the report. Nikkei also claims that Nintendo will let users purchase 3DS and Wii U software through smartphones, a feature available on other platforms.


It's not the first we're hearing of the mini-game idea - Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime himself said last year that the company was "experimenting" with simple gameplay on smartphones for marketing purposes. "If we can motivate you to have a little taste of a Nintendo experience and drive you towards the Wii U or 3DS, we've won," he told Seattle's King 5 News, insisting "Our philosophy that Nintendo games are best played on Nintendo devices has not changed."

Although analysts and consumers alike have been imploring Nintendo to abandon proprietary hardware and bring its stable of popular franchises to other devices, it's far from certain that the cut-throat world of mobile development would make financial sense for the company, even in the short term. If the smartphone mini-games do come to pass, expect Nintendo to explain them as a reinforcement, not a refutation, of its long-held position - that the appeal of Nintendo's traditional software is inextricably linked to the design of Nintendo hardware.


it'll be cool to have mini-games/demos come to smartphones, not sure how many people it'll convert though. still, it's a step in the right direction.

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If the quality of the games is anything below average, the device will go the way of the N-Gage. Apparently, the aim of this is to motivate people to purchase the 3DS and Wii U. Video streaming is already available on most mobile phone devices.


they are not making a smart phone, merely aps that run demos on existing android/ios devices. and provide push content for videos and announcements. it'll be nice to have everything in one place, i guess.
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You're right. That's the price I've paid for juggling several tasks right now -- and for trusting a vague thread title. ;)

This should have been done prior to their launching of Nintendo Direct. They would have had a greater impact at E3 last year if viewers had been able to access their press conference more easily.

Agreed, wholeheartedly.
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They really should look at getting involved in the cell phone business though. They have the resources to fund and and deliver a really interesting phone like the concept modular phones that are out there, like this one:


Now, the second video notes they're already in talks with Motorola/Google on their own modular phone, Project Ara, but there are a number of other similar concepts out there.

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yamaguchi retired, he wasn't fired... and now he's dead.

anywho, apparently the folks over at redbull decided to mock up some nintendo themed ios games that i would buy instantly if they were available.

Ever Imagine What A Nintendo iOS Game Might Look Like?

BY BRENT DIRKS on Fri March 07th, 2014 angry birdscandy crush doodle jump flappy bird fruit ninja nintendotemple run


Despite the rumors last month, Nintendo games aren’t making the move to iOS devices anytime soon. At best, fans of the ailing platform should expect so-called service apps that will better communicate news about the company.

But the hyper-caffeinated folks at RedBull have offered six hysterical takes on some hypothetical Nintendo mobile gaming titles.

Angry Kong

Mario may have won the first round, but everyone’s favorite gorilla is back for his revenge as he is out to ruin the plumber’s life with some Angry Birds-like fun.

Duck Ninja


This one is easily my favorite. Instead of blasting those crafty ducks with the NES Zapper, you can use your fingers just like a certain fruit-slashing game.

Super Luigi Jump


Luigi’s top-notch skill is tested in this endless (and doodle-like) game.

The Legend of Zelda: Water Temple Run


Link would helm this Temple Run-like title as he sprints, and sprints some more, to save the princess.

Flappy Mario


This one is a natural, isn’t it? Since the mega-hit “borrowed” the pipes from Mario’s world, our plumber gets revenge and sees how far he can fly with the Tanooki suit..

Dr Mario Saga


Instead of Candy Crush Saga, how about Dr Mario instead? This game reimagines the falling block title with some elements from the popular matching game.

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