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I just want to apologize, as I am a decent person I think... However some of my comments seem to be targeted and offensive (when they are not meant to be) and interpreted as harmful.

My apologies. I have recently started taking some testoFX supplements. If any of you follow health and fitness (I follow a power lifting routine, thus classifying me as a powerlifter) I trust you know what this is. Therefore rendering my temper and fuse short.

So don't take anything I say seriously. It's probably a rage.


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This is an admirable post. Honestly, most people don't step aside from themselves in order to do this and the fact that you have speaks volumes. Registers high on the decent person meter.


Deb thank you! This means a lot and is one of the reasons I am okay with admitting things! Knowing and being ok with the self is important! I wish I could be as die hard a fan as you!

+1 to you for posting this, another +1 for admitting your hard supplementing but people on here say worse and do much less. Apologies are not necessary. Appreciated but not necessary

Thanks hippy! No shame in my passion!

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So you're saying you can't get ripped without it? Maybe aim for definition and sculpting not bulk. Not everyone is Lou Ferrigno.

I am! LOL joking, yeah it's not everyone's cup of tea but you have to go with what you want as a personal preference!

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