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[Propsal] Quick Re-tool

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Dont hurt me plz!

I have 2 ideas of shipping out Edler

Idea 1:

To Van:


To Col:

Edler, Schroeder


For VAN:

We get a LW PWF Swedish star. A guy who is ready and still young. We ship Edler who hasnt been the same, and also have a quick re-tool and get younger.

For COL:

They want a D and get a real good one in Eddie. He has a good hit and is still fairly young. They have guys like Mackinnon who look ready to take over, and getting a good Dman that can log good time helps them out.

Idea 2:

Yes i know kinda off the board

but here it is...

To Van:

Jonathan Huberdeau


Alex Edler, Jordan Schroeder, 2nd 2014,3rd


For VAN:

Why not...

For FLA:

Yes i know they wont do it, but they get a good Dman, Schroeder may help and so may the 2nd and 3rd.

Go easy on me plz.

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