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Give rookies a couple game stint?

Ugli Fruit

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The addition of Jordan Schroeder has not only brought his own multi-dimensional offensive game, but has also energized the Canucks to some degree. Burrows coming has also helped the top 6 players get some more jump (naturally caused by his industrious style of play). In general, energy and youth bring jump to this otherwise deadbeat Canucks offense. When will the rookies and prospects have better chance to get NHL minutes while Henrik is out?

Edit: took the bit out about the prospects

I think the team could use some youth and energy down the stretch and around the olympic break, and without energy this team has more or less nothing going for them.

In terms of increasing energy, I still maintain that the team should ice younger players more, ideally with speedy veterans like Kesler or Booth. At this point one line that has great chemistry will exceed expectations.

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Another uneducated, emotional 12 year old Canucks fan starts a thread...

Wow, a little losing streak and the bitter frustrated dinosaurs take their anger out on fellow Canuck fans trying to open up a discussion that may or may not work but is interesting nonetheless. A little 'this will not work because..." Could be more useful than your condescending playground-like trash talk.

Let's re-establish this as a Canucks forum instead of an angry bitter old man's condescending forum. +1 to the OP for taking all this trash.

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