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Pre-Deadline Proposal

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OFCOURSE it isn't this easy.

These two trades, reliant on one week of negotiations with the players/agents for new contracts, and if nothing is reached with the target player, trade is off the board.

-work a trade around Garrison+/O'Reilly (id rather dump him then edler)

-something around Kesler+/Subban


Tanev 7 years for 28 Million

Kassian 2 years for 4 Million

Santorelli 2 years for 5 Million

Subban 8 years for 64 Million.

O'Reilly 6 years for 36 Million

Sign: Moulson 4 years for 18 Million

Sedin Sedin Moulson

Burrows O'Reilly Kassian

Santorelli Horvat Higgins

Richardson Lain Hansen

Hamhuis Subban - 25+ minutes

Edler Tanev

Stanton Bieksa

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Why does Garrison, on an affordable contract with term remaining, waive his NTC? And why do we give up him plus other assets to get a player who held out during his last contract negotiations and has to be qualified and $6.5M? And why do we use (hopefully, assuming we can re-sign him) that new player to replace a player we already have in Kesler since we had to trade Kesler (and why he waives as well) and other assets to Montreal for Subban? Not to mention why Moulson signs with us for only a modest increase when he could get more on as a free agent not to mention stay where he is or go back to the Islanders?

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I wouldn't mind a Edler for Evander Kane trade. Kanes still only 22 and signed until 2018 and Edler at similar money until 2019. Kane has a bad boy image but a one that might be cooled off in the vcr dressing room and playing in front of his family

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