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Mafia: Zodiac - GAME OVER, TOWN WINS - Sign-ups open

Master Radishes

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I hate mafia though

That's my boy. Toews doesn't get down with mafia scum.

Toews be all like: I put on for towns people, on on for towns people. I put on for towns people, on on for towns people. I putttt onnnnnnn

edit: Your rap name from now will be known as "Young Toewsy"

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Good game everyone, 72 pages of hysteria. Shout out to Toews, Caboose, and Kryten and our overall TP alliance. NOT HODOR, you noob, how dare you call me a hoser. You're the hoser, ya hoser.

Also, it's finally nice to win one of these, its been a while. This helps atone the last loss I had, where JE14 GOAT performance in the 4th quarter. That one was a really tough one to lose.

MR you're an evil, evil man.

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