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Mafia: Zodiac - GAME OVER, TOWN WINS - Sign-ups open

Master Radishes

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so 3 mafia teams of 3 people....

no vig

- Considering Tigs defense of Drouin, and considering the only way for me to prove myself credible, I think our best bet is to vote him off next

Vote Drouin

well, looks like I was set up..

Tig defended me to make it look like I was Mafia if he died cause his stupid triad ??

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Someone blocked me from using my role powers last turn. Don't know why. Unsure of who knew what my powers were, let alone who I was targeting. Well, Dral knew who I was targetting, but that's it.

Vote Alchemy Time, because I didn't last round. Drouin is probably going to die either way, lol.

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