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Mafia: Zodiac - GAME OVER, TOWN WINS - Sign-ups open

Master Radishes

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For what it's worth, I've been contacted by someone claiming to be a roleblocker who says they blocked One one two last night. Maybe he's a part of the Sun Yee On Triad that missed their target last night?

edit: The roleblocker believes that 112 could be Mafia. I should point out that it's possible that the Triad's target was Doctor saved, or that another player was roleblocked last night that may have been a part of the Triad.

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All I can say is that it's true that I did kill Dral.

My explanation for it is this:

I started the game as mafia. However, on the second day I was contacted by MR, saying that I had been "converted" by the pig, and became a TP, however I still retained my ability to influence mafia kills.

I would tell you who my teammates are, but they are both dead now. They were CPj and Peaches.

The person who converted me is now a part of KH's TP alliance with the sheriff, he has been investigated, and then vouched for me to join the alliance. KH can confirm this.

If you lynch me, while it's true my name will show up mafia, you will lose a very valuable asset. I completely control the mafia kill now. I am the equivalent of a vigilante at this point, except with slightly higher kill priority.

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