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Mafia: Zodiac - GAME OVER, TOWN WINS - Sign-ups open

Master Radishes

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King Heffy - 8 (VICanucksfan5551, One one two, Intoewsables, avelanch, Kesler87, OurTimeToShine, g_bassi13, Big Mike, Kryten)

One one two - 4 (HowYaDrouin, LTCanucksfanatic, Caboose, King Heffy)

avelanch - 2 (Luciferase, PPCLI)

OurTimeToShine - 1 (D.Doughty)

No vote - 3 (KeslerLuongo17, JE14, mau5trap)

It was the most interesting round of voting yet, and in the end King Heffy has been selected by his peers to hang.

Your Majesty, you may have last words before you plunge.

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Research proposal evaluation tomorrow - still need to start on it lol

Genetics midterm tomorrow - 30% of my grade and just getting warmed up the study session


You're saying that you haven't started studying for your midterm at all? That's insanity.

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Sun Yee On Triad kill: Missed!

Wo Shing Wo Triad kill: avelanch

14K Triad kill: None




Master Radishes


1) Aladeen

2) Kesler87

3) Intoewsables


5) Big Mike

6) avelanch

7) Tig'ol Bitties

8) One one two

9) Bo Hunter Booth

10) Alchemy Time

11) King Heffy

12) Dral

13) KeslerLuongo17

14) Caboose

15) OurTimeToShine

16) Luciferase

17) D.Doughty

18) Go Faulk Yourself

19) Drouin

20) Peaches

21) VICanucksfan5551

22) g_bassi13

23) mau5trap

24) Kryten

25) HowYaDrouin

26) MikeyBoy44

27) CatsPajamas

28) JE14

29) LTCanucksfanatic

TOTAL: 17/29



CatsPajamas [Hung: 14K Triad - DOG]

Tig'ol Bitties [SYO Triad kill/WSW Triad kill : SYO Triad - OX]

Aladeen [14K Triad kill: Town - SNAKE]

Drouin [Hung: SYO Triad - RABBIT]

Bo Hunter Booth [WSW Triad kill: Town - TIGER]

Dral [14K Triad kill: Town - RABBIT]

MikeyBoy44 [Twinblade: Town - GOAT]

Peaches [Twinblade kill: 14K Triad - RAT]

Alchemy Time [Hung: 14K Triad - PIG]

Go Faulk Yourself [WSW Triad kill: Town - MONKEY]

King Heffy [Hung: Town - PIG]

avelanch [WSW Triad kill: Town - TIGER]

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