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Master Radishes

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What was AT's role before he was converted?

Luciferase was invited into that conversation and said she couldn't understand what you found so damning about it. I was invited into the personal conversation between you and OTTS, and you refused to explain why you found him suspicious.

How about actually revealing what it is that you have against him, rather than hiding behind vague statements like "You're a terrible liar"?

You still haven't responded to this...

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Okay, I'll let him explain.

Second nightfall, OTTS claims to know BHB is the Sheriff.

Answer to your question yesterday from MR:

Yes. The role-switch is basically the last thing to occur, so the two targets will get their results back and then get switched.

Okay. The role switch is the last thing to occur. And in the first round, OTTS switched (or attempted to switch, rather) King Heffy and Big Mike.

Ok guy as you know im the rat. I can track one person per day. Last night I tracked OTTS

I watched OTTS all night. He VISITED King Heffy and Big Mike before leaving them

Thats paraphrase of what MR said

How the hell did he visit 2 people?

The second night is when he supposedly tried to switch BHB. MR would not have given him the information early. How, then, did OTTS know BHB was Sheriff before the results of the second nightfall were posted?

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Roosters (mau5, Doughty and HYD I think?): Please watch me this round.

Mike, if you actually are the Doctor, please consider saving me this round. The only people who can kill me right now (assuming I am not lynched) are those in the WSW Triad. Just one round to prove myself is all I ask and need.

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