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Master Radishes

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Hm. Thinking harder about this, Pigs supposedly lose their abilities.

OTTS told me that he switched Toews' role with D.Doughty's... This was in the third round, I believe.

Whose call was it to switch our roles? Yours or his?

If he pulled D.Doughty's name up out of nowhere to swap with me, I'd feel pretty confident in saying that Doughty is WSW.

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I'm assuming this is directed towards Caboose.

Mostly, I guess. I'm being kept out of all these discussions and I don't really like it.

A hunch.

Not that I disagree with the kill (I wouldn't have made it if I did and I have my own reasons to believe he's Mafia). I just don't want people to let you withhold information like this if the kill is a TP.

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