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Mafia: Zodiac - GAME OVER, TOWN WINS - Sign-ups open

Master Radishes

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Was it though? She was incredibly closely allied with 112, so it made for an easy investigation/tracking choice after he admitted he was mafia. It's not like she's won the game, lol.

Which is why I had my doubts too. On page 53

Exactly. I don't care if I'm in an alliance or not.

Answer me this, how did you and 112 just randomly it seems to work with each other?

Before I had my role switched, you (hodor) and I had the same sign/role. Now I know my faction is town, and I'll try my best to prove to the rest of the town that I am. But if I'm town, that makes me think you would be mafia.

Something else to help me substantiate my point. Your actions earlier seem to indicate that someone else is speaking for you. Now I'm not saying you don't know what you're doing because I'm sure you do. But for example, from page 29-32ish, you were switching votes fast, with a couple of sketchy edits. Again, maybe it could be you genuinely losing your mind and being indecisive (which happens to all of us :P) OR it could be your mafia teammates telling you to make that change. Maybe, just maybe.

So I wonder how you and 112 got acquainted? How were you able to just trust him? Or were you assigned with him.

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Hodor y u do dis.

RIP Caboose, we'll try to make avenge your death.

In the night, I hear Cab talk the coldest stoorryyyy everr tolldd

Somewhere farrrr along this road, cab lost hiss souull.. to a Hodor so heartlesssss

How could you be so heartless (hearrtless)

Ohh, how could you be so heartless.

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