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[Trade Proposal] Vancouver and Chicago

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You're pretty cool I guess.

Not a Canucks fan though.

Got to ask however, what are Chi town's thoughts on swapping Bickell for Clarkson.

I need this.

I am a Canucks fan, but they are my #2 team. I grew up in Toronto and don't care for the Leafs.

I'd rather have Bickell. I know they're both slumping but Bicks will come around. Plus Clarkson's contract is just terrible.

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Would take this deal in a heartbeat.

Richardson is a good defensive forward but the Canucks NEED scoring. Morin is a great prospect (25pts in 32gp this season for Rockford) at 22 years old.

Richie is 29 years old and not getting any better. With a Canucks team that won't win the cup this year how could they pass that up?

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We need to recruit more people like Darth Kane onto the board... This is a great hockey trade... Chicago's time is now and they have a glaring hole at that 3C/4C role. The Canucks time has passed, and by the time we're going to be contenders again, Richies going to be 32-33, where as Morin is going to be 25/26. It fills our need for top 6 prospects, it fills their need for a 3C/4C. Great Hockey Trade, +1 my friend!

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I don't see how acquiring Sheldon Brookbank helps us at all, but if we're getting Morin, I'd be okay with letting Richardson go. Providing the Hawks also gave us a pick.

Brookbank doesn't help a lot. He could be your 6th or 7th D, plus he can play 4LW in a pinch. The only reason I included Brookbank was to make this deal work cap-wise. The principles of this deal are Morin and Richardson.

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Morin has been up and coming for a while...but I wonder if he's in Chicago's long-term plans due to their depth?

Hopefully we can poach him...(ala Stanton)

I don't think Morin is in Chicago's long term plans. With the combination of his inability to crack the lineup plus the fact that he loses his waiver exemption next season I think he'll be dealt soon.

Morin is a quality prospect, but Chicago is a deep team and it's hard for him to break into the lineup with Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Saad, Bickell and Versteeg ahead of him on the win. The 4th line with Bollig and Smith has been clicking so he's not displacing one of then.

On 20 other teams (at least) Morin would be playing a regular shift. I think he could be exactly the type of player the Canucks need. Young, cap friendly and the potential to be a physical forward.

Getting Morin (or guys like him) are the types of moves Gillis needs to re-tool the Canucks. The prospects in the pipeline are good, but you don't want to rush them. Morin provides an injection of youth and fills a specific need.

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