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(Proposal)Van rebuild Phi/MTL/DET

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Thought I'd post a rebuild idea after the recent rumblings by Lebrun.I am not involving Sedins because very tough to move and a lot of fans want to retire them.Im basing it around building a team to beat the California teams.The trades are with PHI /DET /and MTL because they have pressure to win now and may sacrifice a young player and they also aren't likely to be drafting top ten which are difficult to pry away.These trades are also based on them being more possible if their team isn't gutted in the process.

Kesler to Philadelphia for Laughton,Morin and a first.

Edler to Detroit for Mantha and a first.

Bieksa,Burrows and Hansen to Montreal for Tinordi,Macaron and a first.

Shink Horvat Mantha

Macaron Laughton Kassian


Tanev Corrado

Tinordi Morin

Lots of pieces there for a huge solid team and four 2014 first round picks to fill in more.These trades would have to accept some salary dumps in return to fit the contracts for sure.

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Montreal taking on way to much cap space. Burrows is an overpaid third liner . They don't need another bottom six guy in Hansen. All around a no go for Montreal

They can make it a theme line.

Burrows(4.5) - Briere (4) - Gionta (5)

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I can see Edler for Mantha straight across, but I doubt Detroit would throw in a first rounder with that.

For Montreal, Bieksa and Hansen I can see; Bieksa can be solid defensively with some offensive upside, and Hansen is a grinder that can score, but without the Sedins, it's unlikely Burrows will keep producing for what he's paid, and Montreal doesn't need another bottom 6, as mentioned before. In this as well, it would be either Macaron or Tinordi and a first, not both and a first.

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