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Some Statistics on Raphael Diaz


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So in case any of you don't know too much about the Canucks' latest acquisition, here is a little bit of statistical information to put your mind at rest:

Excerpt from the latest analysis at EOTP:

Of all defenseman to play 300 or more minutes last season, Raphael Diaz ranked third in the NHL in fewest goals against every 60 minutes of play with 1.128. This season that number has risen to 1.719, but remains the best mark on the Canadiens by a significant margin.

The fact that Diaz was kept out of the lineup in favour of Douglas Murray, who is on the ice for 2.703 goals against per 60 minutes is a farce to begin with, but when you consider the difference in the minutes the two play, it's even worse.

Murray plays against the weakest competition of anyone on the Canadiens, not any defenseman, any player, and is the most zonally sheltered player on the team. In spite of this extreme level of protection, he's been outscored 25-5 on the season, and is Montreal's worst possession player.

Diaz on the other hand, has seen extremely tough deployment, with just 28.4% of his total shifts beginning in the offensive zone, playing against reasonably tough competition, and playing with awful teammates.

In fact, when given a chance to play with a good partner in Josh Gorges, the Canadiens experienced a goals for percentage of 57.1% while the two were on the ice together, and they were playing extreme tough minutes while P.K. Subban and Andrei Markovmopped up offensively.

The only time Diaz struggled this season was while paired with Douglas Murray. While the two of them together the Canadiens had a share of just 14.3% of goals scored.

According to Boucher Scouting, only Subban and Gorges had a higher defensive zone success rate than Raphael Diaz through the first 30 games this season. He was also the 3rd most successful defenseman at clearing the defensive zone after Subban and Gorges.

Every single statistic that can be found will tell you that for the last two years, Raphael Diaz has been the 4th best defenseman the Canadiens have had at their disposal. Better than Alexei Emelin, and so much better than Murray that they belong in different leagues.

Even if Marc Bergevin decided that Diaz wasn't worth retaining as an unrestricted free agent, the management of him as an asset is embarrasingly poor. Scratching him repeatedly in favour of inferior players is bush league. Any smart management team would have been playing the pants off of him in the easiest possible situations, minutes like Murray gets, and watch his value skyrocket.

Instead we see a competent second pairing defenseman traded for a fourth line grinder.

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Diaz is a great pickup by Gillis & Co.

Weiuseless was simply no longer needed on our team with guys like Sestito stepping up large this year, and the emergence of Lain. Next year hopefully Gaunce or Archie will stick too. I would have been happy with a 7th, but Diaz helps add to our D depth tremendously and gives GMMG even more room to make a trade on D.

I think they are going to ask Edler to waive, I really do. Send him to a good team tho like Det or Col, but I think he's gone. Like Weiuseless, Torts is not huge on him and he is becoming ever increasingly redundant on this team. Time to stack the cupboards.

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you can cherry pick odd "stats" from virtually any player If you want to make them look good/bad (depending on agenda)

the more canuck fans overhype a player, The more disappointed they will be when reality hits...

unfortunately there are not many realists to see a soft 28 year old 6-8 depth defensemen for who he is.. I have actually seen him compared to karlsson (LOL)

this team has huge fundamental problems with the core. These bandaid moves by gillis are nothing but future excuses for his annual "process" speech, to make it appear like he tried to do something

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Pre-concussion: +4 21mins per game

2013/04/20 Missed 25 games (concussion)

Post-concussion: -4 18mins per game

Benched since Jan. 16th. However, when the Habs benched him they proceeded to get lit up for 4 games in a row.

In that Jan. 16th game he looked slow, lost and he strived to avoid contact. So I think he was getting top-4 time in Mtl mainly because he's a RH shot and their only other one is Subban.

Panic pickup due to injury. Good luck to him, but i think expectations should be tempered, as he looks to be another post-concussion project.

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That's one context, the other is they've actually gotten other D back to health and are also trying to get young D into the line up that are ready. Diaz has been pushed down as a result despite doing very well when not paired with Douglas Murray. That context has coincided with this year as well.

Is it because they no longer had faith in him because of a concussion, or is it because they got their top guys back to play the best PP minutes and haven't been using Diaz as effectively as a result?

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Really it all comes down to whether it plays at an acceptable level, which wouldn't be too hard compared to the rest of the team at the moment, and then also whether he re-signs. I was impartial to Weise, but you can't deny his solid impact as a fourth liner even with his play of late.

Unless we have a magical turnaround, then if Diaz turns out to be a rental and he walks in UFA, we gave up some solid depth for a pointless season. If he does re-sign however, we win this by a long shot.

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Short term, Diaz looks like he might help fill the role of a puck moving d-man. He certainly doesn't look like the sort of physical type which a lot of people around here feel that the Canucks need.

I'm not sure that he will be here next year. The team (finally) has a number of right side d-men which could convince Diaz to seek his fortune elsewhere.



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this team has huge fundamental problems with the core. These bandaid moves by gillis are nothing but future excuses for his annual "process" speech, to make it appear like he tried to do something

This deal has nothing to do with upgrading the core. This deal has everything to do with what's going on right now.

Tanev, Bieksa, Weber, and Alberts are all nursing injuries right now. They desperately needed a defenseman who could log some minutes so Hamhuis isn't playing 30+ minutes every night. That's simply all it is. And Weise obviously wasn't fitting in with Torts' style so he became expendable. It's not like we missed out on making a Weise for E.Kane deal or anything.

We traded for the sake of giving our remaining few defenseman a rest in these games. If that's all it is, it's a good investment in the longterm careers of our defensemen. And if Diaz contributes even more, heck, that's a bonus.

And plus, when some of our injured defenseman come back, we'll have a log jam there. And someone will have to go. It may open up a possible deal involving a core defenseman.

Don't you worry, my friend.

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There's certainly some good potential in Diaz and it's always a nice sign when the outgoing fanbase is upset to lose a player and feels that he was misused and undervalued by their team. However, I do find the EOTP article to be cherry picking a little with the numbers.

Some of the other fancy stats on Diaz aren't really all as impressive. For example, Diaz's WOWYs are actually pretty underwhelming:


Without going over them in fine detail, what stands out on first glance is that there are a fair number of his teammates (looks like a slight majority in fact) who enjoyed better Corsi-for and goals-for percentages in their minutes played WITHOUT Diaz (and were considerably worse during their minutes played WITH Diaz).

WOWYs are just one type of stat but I find them to be a good global indicator of performance. In Diaz's case, those indicators suggest some fairly mixed results in on-ice performance (not universally poor but certainly nothing to suggest that he's been a standout player for the Habs).

We're also looking at a smallish defenseman who plays a style of game that tends to find better success in the weaker, less physical Eastern Conference. It remains to be seen how he'll perform in the West.

We'll have to wait and see.

Diaz does have the potential to be a good add for this club (and given the injury situation, there's little doubt that he'll provide some immediate relief). His game does include a little of the dynamic, puck-rushing ability that the Canucks D corps has been sorely lacking. He has some good instincts on both sides of the puck and plays more of a thinker's game (ie: his smarts can often conpensate for what he lacks in size). He also has some decent PP ability--he's by no means a PPQB but Diaz is capable of moving the puck and finding the open man.

If he's paired with a larger, more physical partner who excels in his own end, especially close to his own net, and one who also carries a booming slapshot (since Diaz's shot isn't very strong), Diaz, if used correctly, could be a really nice addition. I'm not sure if the Canucks actually have the perfect partner for Diaz but they do have a couple guys who tick most of the boxes required to compliment his game.

That all said, it's best to temper expectations as far as Diaz's offensive potential goes. If he's used correctly and he finds a suitable partner on the Canucks D, he does have some offensive upside (and it's in an area where this team has been lacking). However, another thing that his WOWYs make pretty clear is that Diaz has shown more of an ability to lower his team's goals-against than to actually raise their goals-for.

There's certainly nothing wrong with being a defensively sound defenseman--and Diaz's numbers suggest he's been pretty solid on that side of the puck--but you'd also like to see some better overall offensive results out of a player Diaz's skillset and makeup. Some of that might come down to usage (going back to the "if used correctly" point I've repeated a couple times) and that's going to be one of the big question marks.

At the very least, Diaz should provide some much needed injury relief. It will be a bonus if he does anything more.

And with all that said, I'm with most people who think that this trade was a pretty clear win for GMMG.

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What was his PK time like? Since, you've compared him to Murray. Is he like Naslund used to be or the Sedins? All gravey and no PK +/- ? Stats don't tell the whole story. And haha, the bad team-mate excuses. Iginla never looked bad, nor did Sundin with crap line-mates.

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