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[PROPOSAL] Get Younger and Better without Missing Playoffs and Contend for Cup in 3-4 Years

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I preface this with yes, pretty much all our players have NTCs.

I tried to find good fits for the players where they might waive their NTC.

My approach is a quick re-tool not a rebuild in which we are only trading for a couple BIG names with the rest of the players on bridge contracts. We will hopefully be around the 7-8 playoff seed and remain competitive and the hope is for the players that we acquire to be prominent players by the time our top prospects like Horvat, Shink, Jensen and Gaunce and Fox are at the beginning stages of being impact players on this team where we can take a run at a cup in 3-4 years.

Step 1:

To Det: Edler, Nashville's 3rd.

To Nashville: Van's 1st Rd Pick, Kesler , Nyquist, Booth (Van retains 2m of Booth's salary)

To Van: Shea Weber, Kindl

Edler is a good fit in Det and has been rumoured to be wanted there. Good Swedish contingency

Nashville- While losing their franchise d-man, they have a plethora of young d-men (Jones, Josi, MZD, etc) that will be able to step up in the next couple of years. Poile likes Kesler and needs more offence. Kesler single handedly knocked them out of the playoffs in 2011and they will perceive Kesler with great value. Kes will also get experience working with Poile in the Olympics. Poile is a character GM and might win Kes over. Poile is definitely more stand up guy than MG...

In a Bible belt like Nashville, Booth will thrive along the likes of Fisher and will be a great fit in Nashville both organization and fans. Van retains salary (1 year left) so its a quick injection of offence for Nashville. Low risk high reward. They also get an up and coming Nyquist that will further bolster their offence.

Nashville could look like a completely revamped team with lots of offence in 1 move.

Van FINALLY gets a solid premiere d-man in the league. This whole d-men by committee (making 4-5m) has not worked and we've seen first hand the benefits of having a super star d-man that can log 30 minutes of ice. (Chara, Pronger, etc) Pair him with Hamhuis and play them 28 min a game and it will be just like old times. Weber will probably waive NTC for Van as well as he is from BC and Hamhuis is his buddy.

Now we will have a log jam of d-men and wont need so many d-men in the 4-5m range as S Weber and Hamhuis will log an incredible amount of minutes.

D men: S Weber, Hamhuis, Bieksa, Garrison, Stanton, Tanev. (Waiting are Y Weber, Kindl and Corrado).

Step 2:


To Col: Garrison and Schroeder

To Van: ROR

Colorado addresses their defence needs and gets a super steady d-man with a cannon (a poor man's Weber) for someone they view as expendable.

Van replaces Kesler for a younger version in ROR

Garrison may not waive his NTC.

If Garrison doesn't waive and we don't get ROR, we would still have 7-8m to sign a UFA centre for next season and Garrison would be on our 2nd pairing on defence. Read below on how

Step 3:


To Phi: Bieksa

To Van: Simmonds and a 2nd

Philly needs defence and Van needs offense. Bieksa is a Holmgren type d-man who can fight and score and will fit in well with Philly and their fans. If Bieksa was to waive, I can see him going to a place like Philly

Van gets a solid 2nd liner who is locked up on a decent contract until 2019

Next year, our roster could look like

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Simmonds ROR Kassian

Hansen Horvat Higgins

Dalpe Richardson Sestito

UFA (7M)

S.Weber Hamhuis

Stanton Kindl

Tanev Weber




I've had my doubts but I've seen enough from Stanton and Tanev this year to think that if their ice time is limited to 15-18 minutes as Weber and Hamhuis will log the big minutes, they will be fine and Bieksa and Garrison's salary could be put to better use.

We would have 4.7m left of capspace...(while retaining 2.125 of Booth's salary for this year.)

Cap goes up by another 7m Next year so next year, we would have 11.7m + 8.6m of expiring contracts for a total of over 20m to re-sign (ROR, Tanev, Kassian and Y Weber, Dalpe)

That means after all is said and done, we should still have about 7-8M to sign a UFA. If the Garrison for ROR trade DOESN'T happen, Garrison's salary is cheaper than ROR's projected salary for next year anyway and we would actually have more money (about 8m) to sign a UFA centre to replace Kesler

The UFA list includes guys like Jagr, Vanek, Stasny, Iggy, Penner, Setoguchi, Callahan.

Take one of those names and plug into top 6. These guys play the roll of place holders for 3-4 years so that the team continues to be competitive and make the playoffs and by the time they reach the end of their contract, we have a solid team with guys like Horvat, Shink, Jensen, Fox, Gaunce contributing.

I think with these moves, our team not only got younger but better

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Another question about forum rules.

If I tag something [deadline] which is apparently a valid tag, once trade deadline comes along and people are posting [DEADLINE] wouldn't people freak if they see the thread subject in the main home page which is the entire reason we have this [RULE]?

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Another question about forum rules.

If I tag something [deadline] which is apparently a valid tag, once trade deadline comes along and people are posting [DEADLINE] wouldn't people freak if they see the thread subject in the main home page which is the entire reason we have this [RULE]?

I've never seen anyone tag a proposal with [DEADLINE] before? Where did you hear it was a valid tag? I think I saw the one thread yesterday (EDIT: wasn't yours, just assumed it was) but iirc the rest of title made it sound like an actual trade rather than a proposal.

But anyway, a lot of "hopefully he waives his NTC" and "I don't think the other team accepts."

Kesler's a hitch in your first deal for sure (why does he accept to go to Nashville?), and so many pieces moving in a 3-way deal is very rare. Value might be not too bad, but lots of ?s.

Garrison doesn't waive, and Colorado doesn't really view ROR as expendable. In fact they're unlikely to trade him I think.

Not sure if Bieksa waives for Philly, but Philly has lots of D as is so it'd hinge on them finally getting rid of Schenn most likely to make space themselves.

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This exact proposal was just posted a day r two ago and the same question remains

Why would you trade off so much for so little?

Kesler and Edler alone are worth more than that return. nyquist is more attractive to this team than Kindl and our draft picks should be more untouchable than our prospects at this moment

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