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Rebuild Begins :)


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And no this is not a reactionary thread, I have been pounding this drum forever.

Its clear this team does not care anymore, so why should we, watch the body language when a play is being drawn up, rather then leaning over getting instructions , there looking at their feet or standing far apart exc exc, it blatanly obvious. Look at what happends when u get an amazing prospect, Bo Horvat , last 2 games I watched him, 4 goals 3 assists 7 points including a beautiful breakaway goal. Best 2 way 18 year old I have ever seen. Best 18 year old leader I have seen, fans of other teams say they respect him so much, when getting the 1st star of the game he posed with a little girl and gave her his stick. Elliot Friedman said gillis and aquillini met and talked about the future of the team, and thats when Lebrun reported everyones available!

Lets trade Edler for a 1st, trade Kesler for silverberg 1st and another prospect or pick, duck fans suggested it, and lets tank the rest of the season and get a top 5 ish pick, and I believe a Drasitl or bennett or virtanan should be available, then get Ivan Barbashev , amazing two player, so great offensivley and Josh Ho Sang , other wordly offensive ability, you need atleast one Josh Ho Sang if you want to win a cup, People have said selfish, I watched him play during the previous tournament and he was the best player and shared the puck so much, offensive abilty for days , just like Shinkaruk, PS, both are gimmes in the shootout, gauranteed goals. Shink has a move he does everytime and its never been stopped. Ive seen patrick Kane go entire games without passing lol so yeah you need a couple dominant 1on1 guys. Then go full tank for Mcdavid , you need that #1 generation type centre to win a cup. The fact people say he will be better then crosby who is a walking 3 point machine per night, MAN!!!

Also think of our prospect pool. Horvat,Shinkaruk,McDavid Jensen Gaunce Fox Cassells Subban Drasitl/Bennett/Virtanan Barbashev Ho Sang , You could then possibly package 1 or 2 and trade for an evander kane . sorta like what ducks fans want with Kesler.

Please stop with the "we just need to get healthy or we just need to add a player to the top 6 or semi rebuild". We need to full on rebuild while we can get assets and in 2 or 3 years , top picks usually make the nhl right away, we can compete rather then being forced to rebuild. Other teams like edmonton had NO porspects to start with and had nothing to offer via trade, we have great you talent and can offer some all star players.

We can do this! Believe and we can build a Dynasty!

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