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why do we have 6 goal tenders in our own end.

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lou is payed well to tend the net. let lou deal with shots on net and keep our players in their positions.

we have suffered injuries and own goals due to blocked shots. does this pay off in the end?

we are blocking shots from far too far away to be effective. if we block a shot from more than 15 feet away the puck just ends up back on the other teams sticks or worst case deflects into our net.

at more than 8 feet, there is the chance of taking one in the teeth.

we have even taken to blocking shots taken from behind the goal line.... what the f.

why don't we dress all the players in goal gear.... we would be better at blocking shots and take less injuries. ok we would not be very good at offence but that seems to be what is happening already.

off topic ..... but while I am on a rant ..... what is with the over use of the point in the offencive zone.. too many times I have seen a forward get the puck in the red zone only to completely ignore the opportunity on net and turn to pass back to the point ..... like the way we practiced.

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Because they can't play forwards at the other end of the ice. Sweden, let Edler play goal otherwise move him to forward. He is self-destrucing into front of his own net. Lou, in Russia stay on your feet. Raymond's goal doesn't go in if you are on your feet. You are falling down into the butterfly way too early. Hope you get to play over there!

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Agree with all of this. My wife hates hockey but has more smarts than the coach. She said the goalie has all the padding on and is paid to stop the shots so why are all his own players stopping him from seeing it and getting hurt in the process, shouldn't the defense give it to the offense to go score. Maybe she should be head coach

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