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doom and gloom will go away part two (offense)


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18 days til next canuck game should help out on injuries, i really believe that burrows and daniel are playing hurt they look horrible out there im hoping our enemic offense gets a jolt after break if not bring on some major trades.

my run down of forwards

henrik - hell be ready to go for rest of payoff drive not sure if anyones played with cracked or bruised ribs before it is like the worst. mister ironman will be back will a vengence

daniel - has has to be paying injured gillis send him to the tropics to heal please we need him sniping

burrows - looks like a lost puppy out there this yr after break take the visor off and man up please

higgins - always solid

kesler - heart of canucks do not trade him

hansen - heart but hands of stone could be trade bait

kassian - please put him in front of net on pp and give him more than 10 minutes a game

sestito - best suprise of yr other than stanton and lack ( bring in parros and make our 4th line the bash brothers) no more injuring sedins btw the league refs and upper management is a joke

lain - love him on 4th line young but hes huge and fast for a big guy

schroeder - needs to shoot more unload that onetimer instead of pretty passes

booth - finally bringing it but def hot worth 4.25 mill buyout in offseason please

canucks are missing a top six sniper and a mean game breaking hitter on 4th line

im really excited next yr horvat shinkaruk gaunce and the steal of the yr in signing fox he has 55 goals in ohl with 15 games left in season he might be our new top six sniper.

what do you all think gillis should do weather the storm or make 1-2 big trades after this yr please dont offer any no trade clauses it makes team way to restricted. Who would you want gillis to bring in as a top six forward? kane, ryan, jenner, or who

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