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Deadline + Offseason to make a statement (Proposal)

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On deadline day, if we are a long shot at playoffs who would also like to have a very high draft pick, i would like to trade

Ryan Kesler to Tampa Bay (i would waive just to play with Stamkos, but there are other reasons to waive)

In exchange for Jonathon Drouin +

May reasons for both teams. They have numerous prospects who are shining showing that Drouin isn't very vital anymore (Johnson Palat Kucherov). We will lose more games garnering a higher draft pick without Kesler + we get a real elite offensive machine who be be the next St.Louis for twice as long. We also have room for Stastny in the offseason if we so choose.


In the Offseason, i know this is absurd but trade Burrows and Edler together for a package like, Kerby Rychel, Ryan Murray

Sign Stastny for 3 years @ 18 million

replacement future core


shinkaruk-(high 2014 pick)-Fox

Murray tanev

Corrado +

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Tampa is not trading Druoin, unless they got offers a deal they couldn't refuse, such as a young star who's signed to a decent long term contract (think Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin).

Not for an aging, declining Kesler.

Stastny will get about 7 years from someone. For big money. Why would he accept a 3 year deal from a bubble team?

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