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Top Video Game Character Tournament Results + Bonus Poll

Master Mind


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The tournament is over, and the winner is:


Solid Snake

Added a bonus poll to see who everyone thinks is the best character that faced Snake.

I won't be doing another tournament right now, but maybe sometime in the future if people would like that. Just give me suggestions then.

Feedback on how this tournament went is welcomed. After seeing people's preferences in the top video game franchise tournament, I think it helped for creating more balance among the divisions.

Results from this tournament will be in the spoiler below:

Results of Finals


Results of round 5


Results of round 4


Results of round 3

First bracket:


Second bracket: http://forum.canucks...second-bracket/

Results of round 2

Link/Mega Man:


Samus/Sonic: http://forum.canucks...onic-divisions/

DK/Snake: http://forum.canucks...nake-divisions/

Cloud/Mario: http://forum.canucks...ario-divisions/

Results of round 1



Mega Man: http://forum.canucks...a-man-division/

Samus: http://forum.canucks...samus-division/

Sonic: http://forum.canucks...sonic-division/

DK: http://forum.canucks...-kong-division/

Snake: http://forum.canucks...snake-division/

Cloud: http://forum.canucks...cloud-division/

Mario: http://forum.canucks...mario-division/

Thanks to everyone who participated

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I didn't participate in any of the polls but when I saw this thread title I immediately thought Snake

I was pleasantly surprised

I was actually surprised Snake beat Link in the end. I was pleasantly surprised as well.

Just curious, but did you not participate in the polls because you were unaware of this tournament, or you were just uninterested in voting?

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