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Give it up for sloviania


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Kopitar faced one of the best defensemens in the league. The defensemen is Zdeno Chara who shutdown the best player in the world in the playoffs, Sidney Crosby.

Kopitar got his team going, padding his guys on the back at the start of the 3rd period and they scored 3 goals in the period. This guy will be fired up for the rest of the season, 2nd favourite team in the tournament and it shows a side I haven't seen from Kopitar.

He isn't human, he dominated the game.

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Yes, indeed congrats are in order, spelling a little off, but that is quite impressive for them to beat the Slovaks. I bet they prove to be a tough opponent for the USA tomorrow too. USA likely will win, barring a miracle(on ice), but I don't think Slovenia will lie down and die for them. It'll be a fight.

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.... please mods don't let nicompoops make threads.

If you have no clue what you're doing wouldn't you use google? Just don't get it ... civiliztion is going downhill fast.

It's not a bad thread, just bad spelling.

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