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[Rumour] Team1040 Doug Maclean


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Maclean said today at the usual time slot (3:30pm) on the TEAM that his source told him the Canucks are in the works to trade a player/players that we wouldn't consider.

He wouldn't divulge his source, he didn't know specifics. Just eluding to the fact the Canucks are apparently being active during the Olympic break.

People I wouldn't consider: Sedins, Kassian, Horvat, Hamhuis.... anyone else in my own thought process is fair game IMO.

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I'm sure that GMs talk about all of the potential trades that they can do... just not sure how many of them actually are real

Yea you may be right... The way Maclean put it though was that the Canucks are trying to shake things up by moving "core/non considered" pieces. Not just blowing smoke around the league

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^ I cant say I am nervous about having the twins locked in @ 14 million as I figure this is just an off year and the cap will go up sufficiently in the next 2 to 3 seasons to more than cover their salaries. Of course they will also be a tough threat to stop if the team can get some secondary scoring to go with them or create a top line and have them as the secondary scoring threats would be the ideal situation. I also think it is a pretty classy thing that Gillis & Co. are doing in allowing them to finish off their careers as Canucks and not walk as UFAs (Always felt off with Naslund being a Ranger for his last season(s) couldn't picture the twins doing that). They can also be kept around to show and mentor younger players before they retire, also what would be the ruling if they retired after a season or 2 (leaving 2 seasons on the table) would the Canucks be penalized or no since they were younger than 35 signing these deals?

As for the potential 'shake up' I could see it being a number of things ranging from moving Hamhuis (not sure he likes the system in place & has struggled quite a bit with it), Perhaps either Tallon is upping his offer for Luongo or Gillis has asked for a 1st rounder + mid tier prospect instead of a roster player ++, Burrows to NYR for Prospect & Pick or Tanev really soured management enough to the point that they move him now knowing he will be a difficult player to re-sign in the current situation (I hope not I think he has played quite well under Tortorella).

Saying that I think these guys say what we want them to to try to stir something up for a team that is struggling the last month and a bit.

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Booth, Richardson, Kassian, Hansen, Sestito, Schroeder, Dalpe, Tanev, Diaz, Weber, Stanton, Alberts.

Only guys without NTC/NMC. Luongo is the only guy I would consider likely to have made it known that he is still willing to waive it.

That isn't a lot to work with as far as roster players go. Hansen, Kassian, and Tanev are the only ones with any real value. Richardson, Schroeder, and Booth might have some to the right team.

Scrivens and Bryz seem to be doing alright in Edmonton. Maybe they'd still take Lu. NYI has Poulin and Nillson, and given their last experience with a massive goalie contract I'd think the owner would want to shy away from them. Thomas and Clemmenson suck but Florida still has Markstrom. Philly locked up Mason recently, who is handling the pressure of their ruthless fans quite nicely.

So really still a terrible market for trading an elite goalie with a big contract. Don't see a significant enough return to warrant handing the reigns over to an unproven Lack. I do like the Chicago style though. Give it to a young guy on a cheap contract and pray that he goes clutch. Lack is mentally strong but is he strong enough to handle a couple playoff yankings? Does he even have the ability to play at a level that can get this team to the cup?

Kassian cannot be traded. He is a type of player that is even more rare than he is extremely effective, especially come playoff time.

Hansen and Tanev and Schroeder are the pieces to move if you are going to make a trade. But I dislike Tanev's game, which is why I consider him a tradeable asset, and I'm not sure if management feels the same way. Hansen is awesome but as a bottom six he isn't exactly a key component. Schroeder is blowing it hard.

I don't like the idea of moving any of our top young guys. Who the F is going to replace our core?

Basically, this rumour is of the straight from the ass to our eyes variety. I don't think Gillis was lying when he said the team's preolympic performance would be used in evaluation but they're running out of time. A decision has to be made soon.

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