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[Rumour] Team1040 Doug Maclean


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oh yes trading them seperately is the right move. Gillis could do both now or at the draft. If he does and he gets a solid return, I would definitely have to give him credit and take back firing him. But if he stays the course and doesnt move these assets while they have their best value, we could go down the road of having to do a full rebuild and take less back and hope draft picks turn out.

where i would prefer moving them now and getting back players that can play now.

kesler is our version now of Linden. No one wanted him gone, but look at the return we got and how it helped us down the road greatly. This is why i would be ok trading Kesler, if we netted a good package

No way is kesler our version of Linden, not even close to comparable. Kesler is a dcik and a great player. Linden was the most professional and loyal guy a team could have an a very good player.

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