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Finland beats russia


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Upsetting for the Russians for sure, but given their play I'd say the Russians beating

the Fins would have been a greater upset. :-P

There was no urgency to their game and they were reluctant to go to the hard areas

to get those garbage goals. Perimeter players only looking for the pretty pass and

dirty dangles.

I never noticed just how lazy Ovi is out there.

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It's the russian's own fault. The ice has been garbage and big rinks do not fit their style of play when you have malkin and ovechkin, two big, physical, skilled players. The whole thing with the disallowed goal in the USA game was due to some crapty pegs for the nets as well. I watched that game live and was wondering why no Russian player simply put the net back into place.

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It still makes me laugh thinking about all the people that said Russia were gonna have an advantage playing at home. No actually have ridiculous amounts of pressure stressing you out isn't a good thing. Then combine that with Russia's unique ability to completely implode when things aren't gong well and we get this.

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Lol, always satisfying seeing the Russians lose.

However, lots of props and respect to Ovie. All the Russian players left right after the loss and didnt even bother talking to media whereas Ovie dug deep and was the only Russian to do so. Speaks volumes of the type of charachter he has and has vastly improved on.

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Add Daniel and Henrik's goal totals together.

Then double it.

You have arrived at Ovechkin's goal total.

Carry on.

Daniel: 304

Henrik: 191

total: 495

Times 2: 990

Ovie: 411

result: nope

Take Daniel and henrik's playoff points,

divide by 2

you have still surpassed Ovie's playoff points.

Carry On.

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