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Deadline deals 2014 involving core players

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I would do this:

To Detroit:


To Van:

1st (2014)






To Van:


De Hann or Pulock

1st (2015)

Then we draft Virtanen, and Nylander(one can dream) this year with our pick and Detroits pick.

Next year we have two first rounders again with a chance for McDavid.

We Get younger, and fill up the cupboards with picks and prospects.

Detroit gets a Selke winning centerman , and fills the void for Zetterberg in the mean time.

NYI's need to make the playoffs especially since they're moving into a new building. Luongo and Edler will get them there.

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Oh man, love those deals.

I'm hoping that with the impending move to Brooklyn after next season, the Isles decide that they're going to start spending some money to get better quickly. This deal would do it for them, and they would't miss the prospects coming back to us.

Sadly, I don't think Gillis has the balls to make either of them.

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The NYI trade would be risky but could work out very well for us.

I love Lui, and think if we dont replace Edler our D would become underwhelming physically.

Stome, Pulock and their first this year I would only roll the dice on this if we were committing 100% to the retool, and management and the coaching staff really had 100% confidence in Eddie Lack, Lui is rock solid, experienced and I really would not enjoy trading him, I still believe if we win a stanley cup in the next 5 years it will be with him as our goalie.

And with the tavares injury and vaneks impending departure I dont see this trade as a possibility right now.

I would do that trade with Detroit as much as I love Kesler, I would be willing to trade him for a package like that. Dont see it happening though


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