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Mafia: Decoded - Game has Started


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I'm not the sheriff. I was just the first person to pm the phrase to Aladeen and I ended up with 2 free investigations. So yeah Doc save me so I can use my 2nd investigation tommorow

From the OP:

THE FIRST PLAYER to correctly solve the code in the thread will be granted a special power which they may use at any time starting in the FOLLOWING round.

That doesn't seem to match what you're saying here. The OP says whoever solves the code in the thread will be given a special power in the following round. You're claiming that you PMed the answer to Aladeen and received a special power this round...

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He's in trouble anyhow, now, if he truly is the Sheriff and has his role revealed to both the Mafia and SK.

We'll at least we can doc save him. I'm no genius at this game but potentially lynching a sheriff is beyond stupid. I don't see why the SK would go after the sheriff though, don't think that provides any benefit to him or her.

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