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Mafia: Decoded - Game has Started


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spam a poem by cucumber

there was a day I went out and there was a ram

that ram kept following me everywhere like nobody's business

I went to talk to a old friend about people to spam

he told me about how his business

his business is dieing, I told him I would give him a ram

so I give him a ram and it became a key member

that member though soon became spam

so the guy sold him to a guy who his friend met and that guy knew a guy in 5th grade

that ram became a ram to took lumber to a shop with lumber

that store had a riot in it they call it "the rade"

this might be a spamish poem but whatever

nobody lives forever but I will continue too till that ever

once again a new poem from cucumber

"bow" "bow" "clap" "clap"

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