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Acid attack on Surrey woman, come on CDC, I bet someone on here recognizes those buggers.


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copycatting american horor story.. what a trio of degenerates if they had any brains they would have used sulfuric acid

Depending on its concentration Sulfuric acid is not something you want to be walking around with in an open container. Even for a few minutes. Even these borderline mental cases may know that. Muriatic acid, more commonly known as hydrochloric acid, is also much more readily available to idiots like these guys. Any construction site could have it around. Hop a fence at a construction site, break a padlock on a wooden box and boom, all the acid you could want. Or one of them works construction and just walked off with some.

Hope they all get caught and get a bunch of years in jail. A truly gutless act.

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To actually plan that,, have the acid on him..knowing full well he was going to throw it in the young womens face quite literally blows my mind..where is humanity headed?

I hope they catch this guy and his little band of cretins and they get strung up by their go-nads.

But in this country they will get off with community service. :picard:

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