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[Discussion] Possible return of Kearns name on Canuck's Jersey?

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What would it cost to pick this very determined player to play in the town he was born and wathed as a youngster?

The article says he's on waivers, so it wouldn't cost anything.

I'm not sure what he would bring that we don't already have in the system though.

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All good points but his skill set is what we need now for the short term with the mounting injuries on forwards and a minor affiliate that has unproven players as an option.

This guy has enough skill to play in the 3rd and 4th and has the toughness to go with it.

It also gives us a possible player that we could add as a trade to teams above us that might pick him up for depth if we we pass on him.

I think we have to look outside the box and recognize the determination that players like him and Santorelli bring each game.

He was not sent down due to lack of playing well rather it was a number's game and more of a testament to the depth that the Sharks have right now.

I think you give up a pick or cash if you claim a player on wages. At this stage this would an addition without subtraction. We also could put Booth on waivers and hope someone picks him up thus eliminating his buyout cost in the summer. Either way his salary gets buries in the minors if he clears, and we have a little bit more caproom for a trade.

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