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Which End Do The Canucks Shoot On Twice?


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For future reference, you can get the layout of Rogers Arena when you're buying tickets and if you look for the benches to orient yourself (as you would when you watch games on TV) you can easily tell which end is the one the Canucks attack twice.

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Section 114 is the end the Canucks defend twice and attack once.


I don't know what you're saying. Your first description is backwards.

This is very easy. The Canucks defend the Olympia tunnel (on the left) twice, in the 1st and 3rd period. They shoot on the Olympia tunnel once, in the 2nd period.

Section 114 is on the right hand side at the opposite end of the ice.

Here is game video from yesterday (courtesy of Makavelli as usual). Note where the tunnel is for the 1st and 3rd periods, behind Lack. Note…. the video is shot from the opposite side as displayed by the arena map you provided.


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