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(Discussion). Should canucks go younger or try for one last cup run with this core

Will this deadline be a busy one?   

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Last year with Roy was 1 cup run too many.

Getting younger should have started slowly after 2011, and significantly after the 2012 first round exit. After last year it was already long overdue.

So no more cup run. Trade Burrows, Hansen, Higgins, 1 top 4 D (preferably Edler) and move on. Integrate Shinkaruk, Jensen, Horvat, Gaunce, Archibald, Lain and/or Corrado next year.

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I posted this in another thread and it STILL applies here.

To answer your question i think we should sell and use the next 2.5 seasons or until the 2016 draft to rebuild. Based on possible lottery chances at MacDavid and Chychrun


Here is what people need to understand.

This core couldn't do it. noe of the most dominant teams statistically speaking in the regular season in NHL history and one of the more dominant in playoff history and they couldn't get it done. Kesler will never surpass 80 points again. never, I am sorry to say. he is a top 6 winger or a 3rd line center. he is NOT both

Edler is a solid D man.

People need to understand very simply put. NO bandaid is going to fix this team. Trade Edler, we need a point getting D man capable of 40+ point seasons AND still need a Puck Moving D man

Trade Kesler we need a #2 center and a top 6 winger as well to play with the Sedins and a 2a/2b winger to take over Keslers spot

This is about the point in time people have to understand that unless Gillis sells the farm getting back Campbell, Letang, Kane, Wheeler, Spezza or the like. This team will become the Flames in 2 seasons or less. Better prospects but not god enough for the playoffs, not bad enough for the lottery win.

Gillis has to bite the bullet. if there is a deal for these 2 guys that nets a 1st round pick in 2014 or 2015 + a blue chip sure fire NHL prospect (possibly++ after their olympic showing) it HAS to be done. I remember what happened after 94. I remember the 80's and late 90's and how bad the team was.

I do NOT want to wallow in mediocrity for 3 seasons before they realize they need to blow it up.

IF we can go ahead and get solid value for Kesler and Edler, we can retool and be ready to play with an uber young team, new players via UFA and have solid mentors and rookies entering our system every single season for the next 4 to 5 seasons.

Next year will see Lain and Horvat/Gaunce/Archibald/Grenier enter the team. Following year Shinkaruk/Gaunce Horvat/Cassels etc. get the idea?

If we can just accept that it will take this and next season to figure it all out then we become comparable to the Blues, Avs, Bolts etc where we went from great to mediocre to bad to top of the heap again in 3 seasons or less.

Is it worth it to draft a Dal Colle, Virtanen, Fleury this year and have a shot at MacDavid next season before moving forward with a plethora of top prospects and hungry Canadian based rookies?

Or is it more worth it right now to try and sell edler OR Kesler and then figure out how to fill the holes they left AND still try to fill the holes that were already there?

We have more problems with this team than fans and management will admit to. Now is the time to do it

If the worst case is this year a top 10 pick, next year a top 5 pick and the following year either competing or getting a chance at Chycrun (sp?) I take the 2 or 3 season rebuild and then compete with the twins in their last season or 2 and get them a cup before they are 40

Flame away, but you'll be hard pressed to admit that my assessment is wrong.

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The unfortunate truth and the reality of the situation is that this core cannot and will not win a cup.

When that sad realization sinks in, the only course of action that remains is to begin selling off the pieces we have that have value while they still retain that value.

As unpalatable as it may seem, it is probably time to blow up the core and start trading away pieces like Kesler, Edler, etc.

For a while I looked at San Jose and how Logan Couture helped turn that franchise around. We are where the Sharks were a little while ago. Aging core, had been bounced early in the playoffs, and it seemed like the road to oblivion was clear and we were headed for a Flames-like run of 9-11th place finishes as the core eroded and the cupboards were never restocked with any great prospects.

For a while I thought it might be possible to turn things around with a Bo Horvat in combination with some of our other prospects. Unfortunately, I really don't think it's possible, anymore.

Honestly, Canucks fans, I think we're going to have to go through a not-so-fun rebuild. If done correctly, however, we could competitive again in 3 seasons.

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Don't sell off all the veterans, otherwise we become an Edmonton with no veterans to shephard so to speak, but I do agree that a legit cup run with this team just isn't that viable.

Plus, I think some playoff experience even if it's a first round exit will be a good for some of our younger players who hopefully learn to elevate their game because of it.

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Whys no one doing the poll questions

The questions/responses suck lol.

1st question: Miller AND Brodeur. I was going to pick Miller, but the only option was him with Brodeur or "all of the above".

2nd question: This question ends up being a double-barreled question (two questions at once). For instance, am I saying yes to "do the NHL head brass and officials have it out for the Canucks?" or yes to "Are they just horrible at their jobs?"

3rd question: "Do you think Gillis should NOT have...": Adding "not" can confuse some survey takers, especially if they quickly scan the question and miss the NOT, which leads to conflicting results.

4th question: You should have left out the explanations in the responses because survey participants may agree with the player, but not explanation: e.g. Should trade Tanev, but not because he will be expensive to re-sign.

5th question: "minor" is NOT well defined. What you consider to be minor may be a big deal to someone else. Also "Acquire cheap sniper for a 3rd or 4th" is too specific and may deter individuals from selecting that option.

Generally, you have to be clear, unambiguous, and assume your audience is dumb (you did a good job of this by avoiding complex, dictionary terms) or bored (may do the survey in a hurry and skip words like "Not").

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Where does one start with this team?

Yes I agree with the belief that this team is nowhere near good enough to compete for a Cup. Key players have aged to the point where it seems that they are only a shadow of their former selves whether it is because of injuries to themselves or their linemates or simple wear and tear. Many of these players also have cushy long term contracts with NTC's which doesn't exactly light a fire under their rear ends. So my solution(s) are as follows:

Decide whether or not you like Torts as your coach and if you do (as I do) you will have to tailor the team to his desires. Trading Weise was a start; I firmly believe that Torts is NOT a fan of the Burrows/Kesler agitating/ embellishment game and he seems to prefer guys who play with real heart like Hanson, Santo, Rich. Get what you can for Kes and Burr and build a team that has a bit more shall-we-say Willie Mitchell in it (no I am not suggesting Willie come back; that ship has sailed). Keep Juice, who has enough "Willie" in him to suffice. Trade Edler if you can get something for him. And...

KEEP THE SEDINS! Yes, I know it's madness. But think about it; what are they worth in a trade? Because you know they will have to be traded as a pair which impedes you getting full market value. And they are expensive. And we would look terrible as a franchise. So you make lemonade with your "lemons" (which the Sedins aren't BTW). I have firmly stated for years now, since before the riot was over that the Sedins should be made into our 2nd line. IMHO they would be the best 2nd line in the league and would kill other less deep teams. Despite our recent travails they are still our best players, scoring leaders, +/- leaders etc. etc. Hurting a bit this year but not washed up by a mile.

Build a killer new 1st line: whether we have any of the pieces for one remains to be seen (Kassian cough cough) but a good 1st line ahead of the Sedins 2nd would not be too terribly difficult to create. We have lots of 3rd and 4th line depth so the rest sort of takes care of itself. Lack is great so far and is already challenging Lou for the #1 job (deja vu anyone?) However...

DON"T RELY ON DRAFTING STARS! Remember, we haven't got the greatest drafting record under Gillis and there is no guarantee that it will improve. A gamble sez I...

Turn Kes, Burr, Eddie into slightly younger hungrier skill players who have yet to hit their prime. These are tough to predict, I know, but..,

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