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[Draft-Day] Value of Kesler + Edler to Nashville

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Hey guy's First crack at a proposal.

Was wondering what people think we could pry out of Nashville If we we were to send Kes + Edler

I was thinking

To Nashville:

Ryan Kesler

Alex Edler


To Vancouver:

Shea Weber

Filip Forsberg

1st Round pick ( 2014 )

As for getting a centre to replace Kesler we would look to the UFA market.

Is this Fair Value? What would we or Nashville need to add in order to make the deal work?

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Wouldn't make sense. If we're trading for a guy like Weber, that means we'd want to contend but wouldn't be able to since we traded out backbone Kesler. There's 2 options: trade Kes and get young assets, or get Kes assets. Wish a mix could be possible but highly doubt it cause it wouldn't make much sense.

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they paid 27mill for him last year alone.

Pretty much why he won't get traded for a long time. Philadelphia's offer sheet on him was calling a bluff they gave on how much they would resign him for and meant to put a poorer franchise in a hard place to even pay him. When Nash matched they basically said he is a Predator for life unless someone offers an absurd package that sets that franchise.

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