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Get Ehrhoff back?

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Sekeres on the Team 1040 just said the Sabres asked CE for a list of 8 teams he would not accept a trade to. I wonder if the Canucks are on that list.

Do you think it would be a good idea to get him back in some kind of deal? Some have argued his value to the powerplay some time ago would be a welcome addition to today's team. We know he chose to leave. It's debatable as to whether he should have been offered a better deal but I want to think, given what we've seen since he left, both parties suffered from that choice.

The success of this team coincides entirely with the success of our powerplay, and it's been sucking it up for lack of something, and some say it's a stud offensive D. We've seen glimpses from the other D but there are parts that frustrate me.. Garrison doesn't seem to get ready to shoot often enough, at least from what I watched, when he was at the point. Certainly there was less dump and chase less back then and fewer neutral zone turnovers on bad passes..

What kind of a deal could be made with the Sabres..?

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Our PP went from the top to the bottom without him. Not sure if bringing him back will inspire the chemistry we once had. But that year the Sedins, Kesler and Erhoff had their best seasons ever. Anything would be better than Edler on our PP.

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